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We built our home in 2007 and started the garden shortly afterwards. Our garden has become home to a range of much loved plants to provide colour, memories, food and shelter for some of the little native birds that now nest and raise their families here. (We have a list of over 70 native bird species that have been seen on our property)
Although we are on an 80 acre property, breeding Murray Grey Cattle, we have tried to confine our garden to an area that is manageable.
Our aim for our garden is for it to be productive as well as ornamental. To the northern corner of our house we have created a large potager style vegie patch which has been semi-enclosed by a Teucrium hedge on one side and a Luma hedge above, to try to provide some protection from our mighty wicked frosts rolling down the hill.
We have been working at improving our soil since we started our garden by adding plenty of home- made compost. Our compost bays have been located near the chook house so that the chooks can assist in the turning over process.
We also have various fruiting trees and shrubs dotted throughout, including Apples (some espaliered), Manzanillo Olives, Pears, a Peach, Nectarines, Plums, Mulberry, Blueberries, Gooseberries and Jostaberries.
Heritage Silver Dorking hens, Araucanas, Isa Browns and a few Guinea Fowl supply us with eggs and meat and help with vermin control, especially the grasshoppers that have been quite active the past couple of summers.
It is still a developing garden with some stone work in progress at the moment, developing a kitchen garden and raised beds around the alfresco area. We seem to always be subject to not enough hours in the day due to other commitments, but hope our plot provides an example of food plants being a valuable asset in any garden.

Tracy Boyce and Anthony Slot   
255 Buxton-Marysville Rd Buxton

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