Di & Ken's Garden

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Our vegi garden has evolved over many years on our 100 acre property.
Bordering the Rubicon River, much of the property has been fenced with hundreds of indigenous trees planted throughout time.
Our passion with the vegie garden, espalier fruit trees, chooks, ducks, sheep, cattle, bees and a milking cow is now settling into a much less demanding management pattern but it hasn’t always been that way.
Different animals have vastly different requirements, they’re often escaping for one reason or another and causing havoc in the vegie garden or to freshly planted fruit trees. Ducks would foul the chooks water, chooks would scratch out the ducks nests and chooks in the vegie garden is a disaster, the list goes on.
It can be soul destroying and often it’s the last straw as we endeavour to do our very best when our financial priority’s lay elsewhere.

Ken & Di
171 Rubicon Road Thornton

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* Come and meet our internet star Marilyn. She will be milked at 10.30am both Saturday & Sunday

* We are also doing a composting Demonstration at
3-3.30pm on Saturday & Sunday.
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