Greg & Chris' Garden

Garden 8

This will be our second year of growing vegetables, flowers & (transplanted)  fruit trees in this garden.
The first year we did all our plantings by the moon and we were very pleased with the results.
This year with a very wet spring and cooler temperatures we delayed our seed plantings by
nearly one month and we forgot all about planting by the moon.  It has certainly been a different
year for growing.  We are still learning about growing vegetables and make many mistakes, however,
we also surprise ourselves with the variety of vegetables we can bring to the dinner table.
We look forward to sharing our garden with other people who also like producing home grown food.

Chris & Greg Siciliano
15 Johnston St Alexandra

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We will have on display and for sale Metal Art Sculptures from Phillip & Jacky Ragg

"Black Range Silhouettes"
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  •  Black Range Silhouettes

    Black Range Silhouettes

  •  Black Range Silhouettes

    Black Range Silhouettes