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Camp Marysville as part of the Outdoor Education Group has a strong commitment to sustainability – in fact it underpins everything we do.
We’re continually working towards a ‘no waste’ system through reducing product packaging, composting and minimising food miles. We work actively to involve program participants in food preparation, baking and tending to the herbs, vegetables and animals in our extensive kitchen garden.
Our kitchen garden is about creating sustainable change. It’s about
- learning healthy living skills that will last a life time
- discovering how much fun it is to grow, harvest, prepare and share your own seasonable vegetables
- thinking about how you can create change locally
- knowing where your food comes from and where your waste goes (and questioning the production of this)

Our ‘Grow It, Cook It’ classes are an opportunity for participants to explore, engage and cook with produce from the kitchen garden. Built from recycled materials and showcasing a variety of gardening methods our kitchen garden provides the ideal theatre for participants to smell, taste and touch fresh local produce before cooking up a delicious snack. ie. Quiche, frittata, scones, mini pizza, muffins. They also include education around the key principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The ultimate aim of this activity is to encourage people to feed themselves better, buy locally and question consumerism.

Principles explored in this activity include.
- Food is fun
- Growing food is Fascinating
- Grow your own and share in abundance
- Good food is for Everyone
- Cook and Eat together
- Eat Adventurously
- Cook Seasonally
- Exploring Culture through food
- Shop Smart and Local
- Organic Food
- Share Knowledge - Pass it On

 Marysville OEG  
959 Buxton-Marysville Rd, Marysville

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Come and join in the activities with Kim the Garden “Grow It, Cook It” coordinator. This will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

'Grow It , Cook It’ and other Educational activities will be held on

Sat & Sun

11am, 1 pm, 3pm

for about half hour sessions

Come and be inspired